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Dear Truth Seeker,

Pottery manufacturing is not my first vocation. Ministry of the Word of God is first and pottery making second. The divine calling (or rather gift), covers both, which thing is the revealed will of God. Education has little to do with it seeing as we have received formal training in neither field. Spiritual quickening has most to do with it which thing the old carnal mind completely misses out on. We are commonly treated by churches as if no calling exists in our life, all is talent and intelligence so it seems. The old carnal mind can originate no other answers. The listed dissertative documents are not intended for carnally minded people, and much of what's contained therein can and/or will cause spiritual asphyxiation in such persons. As far as it concerns people unconverted or recently converted, we do not recommend these writings. If they are read by such persons we advise an intensely prayerful mentality throughout.

Carnal Christians often say such things as "its left up to me" (Salvation, that is), and they have not a clue that they are kicking the Master completely out of the theological equation by such sayings. Such sayings would instantly annul a person's Salvation experience if not for non-imputative grace which thing operates in close relativity with the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Presumption is sin and that's what we're dealing with here. If we our self have any clear-cut purpose in these writings, it would be to help folks get out of this type of erroneous mindset without leaning too far in the other direction, into the fallacious Calvinistic doctrines of the "limited atonement" and "the perseverance of the saints."



Concerning Phillipians

Church Anemia

Betwixt and Between

Clarke, Henry, Calvin...

Freeze-Dried Calvinism


Sovereign Non-Imputability

Heavenly Mansions

More on Organization

Made-Up Minds

More on the Unsound Doctrine

Our Sacrificial Lamb

Rightly Divided Sabbatarianism

Spiritual Pride Mortified

The Lord's Welcoming Committee

The Two-fold Aspective of Divine Soverignty

Looking Into...

Perpetual Sabbath Confusion

The Events & Meetings Articles

These articles contain reports of responses and reactions that I experience in my church life and church-going adventures. Some of these reports are of a very negative nature (exposing the carnal ways of certain of our modern day Pharisees), and they cause much embarrassment to those who see themselves in them. There are a few sections blacked out for the website that were not blacked out in the mailing list disbursement. Also, we say that even these negative sections contain much edification for those who are spiritual enough to draw it out. We will say right straight up to start off with that the carnal Christian will see nothing in these sections but negativity, for the carnal will most always spit out the meat and swallow the bones. They then get bones hung up in their throats and go around coughing on everybody.

Also, as a result of spitting out all that meat, they will die spiritually, or at least become very malnourished. This is the danger of being carnal; we will reject things that we need and accept things that we don't need and unless (divine) sovereign mercy prevails, we go down in defeat. Another miserable trait of carnality is that we will almost always confuse our friends with our enemies. In warfare of any kind, (so-called) friendly fire casualties are the most tragic. Nevertheless, none of these so-called modern day Pharisees are counted by myself as enemies (even though it is possible that some of them may count us an enemy), and I prove this to them all by going into their churches and worshiping with them (if they will allow me to), even washing their feet if given the opportunity.


2011 Camp Meetings and Other Events

2011 Event Follow-Up

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