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Making pottery: Is it work?

Weekend before last, Roger let me shadow him for the day. I have to admit, that even as a fan of pottery, and someone who has spent time with several folk potters, I truly did not know how much physical labor goes into the process. Surprisingly, Roger was eager to document the process, and allowed me to both photograph and video everything he did. The video is rough. I am not, and honestly do not aspire to be, a videographer or a video editor. I was simply eager to help Roger document this physically exhausting, time consuming process. In doing so, I found an even deeper appreciation for the WORK of creating folk pottery. The video is in the process of being compiled, and should turn out to be about 45 minutes long. It will either be posted here in its entirety, or a link will be posted to find it on Youtube. In the meantime, here are a few shots of the day.

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